Alternative Title: Dekisokonai no Monster Trainer
Alternative English Title: The Weakest Demon Beast Trainer

Dekisokonai no Majū Renmashi (LN)
Author: Minami Takumi (見波 タクミ)
Illustrator: Koin (狐印)
Label: Fujimi Fantasia Bunko (富士見ファンタジア文庫)
Publisher: KADOKAWA/Fujimi Shobō (KADOKAWA/富士見書房)

Dekisokonai no Majū Renmashi Slime Chronicle is a Japanese Side Story (SS) light novel written by Minami Takumi.


(translated from Fujimi Shobo official site)

The world, in which superiority and inferiority is decided by the monster crest that people possessed. Reyn, who goes to the 『Demon Beast Master』 nurturing academy 『Begiom』, where monsters fights monsters, is the academy's only slime trainer. He don't care about the ridicule from the surroundings, believe in his partner Pem-Pem and puts more efforts than anyone else. 3rd Rank Dragon Trainer Elunia is sticking to Reyn. The perfect girl who combine both good crest and beauty is strongly attached to Reyn, and it seems that it was caused by events from the past...!?

「Forget that disappointment! If you defeat me once in billion times, I will do everything to become your lover」

It doesn't matter, weakest or strongest! Bring the sudden drama to the defined fate where obsession for the victory was decided!!


Light Novel

Light Novel: 8 Volumes
Main Story: 7 Volumes; (Volume 7 — 2017/5/20)Side Story:Slime Chronicle, 1 Volume (Volume 1 — 2017/1/20)


4 Volumes, ? Chapters; (Volume 4 — 2018/5/23)

Light Novel release date
Volume № Release Date
Volume 1 (2015/1/20)
Volume 2 (2015/5/20)
Volume 3 (2015/9/19)
Volume 4 (2016/1/20)
Volume 5 (2016/5/20)
Volume 6 (2016/9/16)
Volume 7 (2017/5/20)