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January 2019

January 2019 Update (Part 3 — Future Updates) New

In this part I will tell about future changes:

1. Reader section, where We will be storing Our Content (translated Light Novel, Manga)
2. Improved User panel (Add/Edit Comments & Bookmarks), Users Chat system and Private Messages (PMs)
3. More Content
4. More UI/UX Updates

P.S. Also We are writing Our Content Management System, RedCMS


January 2019 Update (Part 2 — UX) New

In this part I will tell about changes in site functionality (especially users functionality):

1. Users level system (4 levels):
  • Non-Member
  • Member
  • Pro
  • Unlimited Pro
You can read more about Our user system here

2. Users can:
-- Register on Our site, using set of data:
  • E-Mail (required)
  • Login (required)
  • Password (required)
  • Age (optional)
  • Gender (optional)
If you want to become Our user, click here

-- Log in, using Login/Password
-- Write comments in Our Sections, using forms
-- Add Bookmarks
More functionality is coming in next updates.


January 2019 Update (Part 1 — UI) New

Hello. I finally completed this global Update, which I worked on for several months. In this part I will tell about changes in site interface:

Common changes:
-- New logo and icons.
-- Language Selector is now exists on all pages (English and Russian language, more languages in next updates)
-- New Docs section, where I will post information for users who have troubles with site.

1. Main Page:
-- Changes in design, optimized mobile version (compatibility with 360px width devices)
-- New Slider (test version), where will be information about latest Updates from site.

2. About
-- Small changes in design.

3. Contacts
-- Small changes in design, added new pop-up window when hovering on image (PC browsers are supported, mobile support will be added in next updates)

4. Glossary, Wiki & Novels Sections.
-- Changes in design


September 2018

index v0.12, novels & novels info pages v0.11, and more

Hello. September is here, and I present to you another small update! What's New:
-- Changed Font Awesome from v4.7.0 to v5.3.1 (new icons and stuff)
-- Minor changes in CSS files to speed up page loading speed and font size for mobile version (because now we don't have a mobile version), tell me if it needed.
And changes in particular files:
1. Main Page & Glossary — New button (language selector) for Russian-oriented users (that's because I post both Russian and non-Russian content)
2. Novels — New block 'Latest Updates', which helps you navigate through list.
3. Glossary — Nothing in particular, still waiting for Glossary, sorry.
4. Wiki — Some changes in categories, will fill it up.
5. Reader and Lessons — Some small changes.
P.S. Waiting for Login/Signup pages + Comments with some new features.

July 2018

New Update!

A new update is incoming! I will return my Login/Signup pages + Comments with some new features.

index v0.11, novels & novels info pages v0.10, and more

Hello. It's already July, and I present to you my new update! This update is making an emphasis on functionality, because during code testing I've spotted several errors in my code and site in general. And since that time I thought about many things. Well, it's only first part of my update, I don't know yet when I complete it, but here is changes that I've made in this time:
1. Main Page:
-- Minor functionality issues, optimized mobile version and added new rules to CSS file.
2. Novels:
-- Novels page is now in 'novels/index.php', not novels.html, as it was before.
-- Minor redesign, changes in slider.
-- Improved mobile version.
3. Novels info pages:
-- Little changes, still in testing mode. I don't know in which formate I will do it, any help is useful here.
P.S. Once again I've decided to shut down my Login/Signup pages and Comment pages mainly because of errors in scripts and because I want to make it more 'useful' and convenient. Also I decided to not delete old site version, you can always find it here. In old site version you still can use Login/Signup and Comment pages.
P.P.S. I remember about my plans about progress bar in Reader and etc. I will be implement it during my site update.

March 2018

index v0.10, novels & novels info pages v0.09 and more

Hello. It's been already ten days since I finished redesign and code rewrite. Here is all changes, that I made in that time:
1. Main Page:
-- Major design update, 'silver-like' theme and some light gradients.
-- Script (hide/show articles) which hides all posts in 'Latest Articles', except latest two.
-- Improved mobile version (768px or less), which removes 'Help Us!' and several links in 'Latest News', mobile-friendly font sizes and readable text.
2. Novels:
-- A little redesign, rewritten 'List of Novels', and new 'New Entries'.
-- Add a little script: if you click on 'New Entries', it will hide itself, which allows you to watch slideshow without it.
-- Rewritten 'List of Novels' list: you can now use syllables (at this time only P & S syllables have their own lists, because it has only three titles)
-- Improved mobile version (768px or less), which allows you to use slideshow (which is mobile-friendly plugin) and list on mobile devices.
3. Novels info pages:
-- Little changes, only for mobile devices (font sizes, etc.)
4. Comment:
-- A little redesign.
-- Mobile-friendly (at least in devices like Google Nexus 7 or newer) but iPhone 6 Plus or older will have a little problem, but you can slide to use it (I will work on it to make it smaller)
5. Signup:
-- A little redesign.
-- Optimized on mobile devices.
6. Reader:
-- A little redesign.
-- Good-looking mobile version (768px or less)
7. Wiki:
-- Currently under redevelopment, I'm working on it.
8. Glossary:
-- A little redesign.
-- Mobile-friendly version.
What I want to add:
-- New scripts for index.php, novels.html, plus progress bar for glossary and reader.

All is complete!

Hello. I'm glad to tell you that site functionality has been restored. All functions must have been working now.

Update in process

Hello. It's been two and half month since last update. Major March update is closing near its final testing phase. What you can expect:
1. Main Page:
-- Major design update, new logo, good-looking 'silver-like' colors. Plus soon I will launch beta js scripts which allow to 'play' with site, looking forward to it.
2. Novels:
-- Good-looking design, some image on background, probably will change it later. Quick navigation using A-Z syllables and nice-looking slideshow, which you can use in your search. Maybe I will add some user-friendly scripts.
3. Novels info pages:
-- Some minor tweaks, mostly in mobile version (font and etc.)
-- Another pages also got major updates, also I rewrote ALL pages 'from scratch', meaning that you can expect user-friendly UI and UX (well, you can comment me if you don't)
What I will add in future:
More functionality, more UI/UX, more scripts and stuff. Well, that's all. Update will be finished in two or three days.

January 2018

index v0.09, reader v0.02, novels & novels info pages v0.08

Happy New Year! Well, I know that it's been already two days since NY, but... here is a new 2018 fantastic update! What's New:
-- Major design and functionality update.
-- Another major update! Now we have user-friendly mobile version (for people who like to browse from mobile devices)
Also with mobile version came reader. This new reader has good minimalistic design and look very good. Also gallery got minor update. Try it.
P.S. Originally I wanted this update to be on January 1, but I decided to make a minor tweeks with mobile version. Soon I relaunch Comments page and Login/Signup pages with updated design and with more functions.

December 2017

index v0.08, novels v0.07 & novels info page v0.07

What's New:
1. Main Page:
-- Major design and functionality update, fixed several issues with show/hide button.
-- Major design updates on other pages.
And yes, I decided to forgot (temporarily) about Login/Signup pages after some thoughts. Who got their accounts, don't worry, they will remain in DB.

index v0.07, login v0.04, signup v0.04, novels v0.06 & novels info page v0.05

What's New:
-- Several functionality issues.
Another small update. Fixed gallery on Novels info page, Novels page now have show/hide buttons.

November 2017

index v0.06, login v0.03, signup v0.03, novels v0.05 & novels info page v0.04

What's New:
-- Some minor issues.
-- Small changes in Main Page, add logo.
-- Login/Signup pages are now working, but they are working without cookies now.
-- New changes in infopage and Novels CSS files, additional sidebar for new novels.

novels v0.04, novels info pages v0.03 & signup v0.02

What's New:
1. Novels:
-- Some design changes, testing sidebar.
2. Novels info pages:
-- Some functionality and design issues.
-- Small changes in Novels and info pages's CSS files. Signup is now complete. Feel free to signup here.

index v0.04 & login v0.02

What's New:
1. Main Page:
-- Some small fixes.
-- Login page is halfway complete, and it's testing now.

index v0.03

What's New:
1. Main Page:
-- New design.
-- Login/Signup is in test state! There are might be some problems with Signup, will change it later.

September 2017

Our began working